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Since I know this is relevant to a number of people following me right now, I’m going to repeat something I’ve said several times in the past.

If you are suffering from some kind of mental disorder, something that impairs your function, like anxiety or depression or dysophoria or anything like that, you’re not a bad person. 

You’re not a weak person. You’re not worthless, although I know you think you are. You are, in fact, so strong.

Think about it this way: You are suffering from something that makes your brain work against you. It makes you terrified of very simple things. It makes you terrified of basic interactions that society is built on. It makes you hate your body. It makes you hate your self. It makes you feel worthless and useless and unlovable. It makes you want to stop existing.

And every single day that you keep existing, you’re doing it in spite of yourself. You are actively working against your own mind in order to have even a semblance of a life.

That’s fucking hardcore. How many of you who are following me don’t suffer from depression or anxiety? Can you guys imagine doing that? Can you imagine having to literally fight with yourself every single day just to get out of bed and go out into the world?

What happens, what the disease in your brain makes you do, is that you compare yourself to people who aren’t suffering this way. You compare yourself at your very lowest to other people who are functioning normally or at their best. Because your brain is working against you and telling you you’re worthless, you compare yourself like you and those people who don’t have those problems are on the same level.

You’re not, though. They’re on a completely different level than you, and you have to fight and claw and grit your teeth and fucking drag yourself up to the basic level of function that they achieve without even thinking about it. You have to expend so much effort to do the things they do subconsciously.

So if your grades slip? If you have trouble socializing? If you have trouble getting up? If you sleep badly? If you eat too much? If you hurt yourself? If you cry over stupid bullshit? If you cry over nothing? If you feel empty and hollow and numb? If you get angry and sad too often? If you don’t ever want to do anything? If you DON’T do anything?

You’re not weak. You’re overwhelmed and struggling. You are, truly, your own worst enemy.

And it’s not your fault. And if anyone, including your own brain, tries to tell you it is, you tell them to shut the fuck up. A mental disorder is not a personal failing and it doesn’t make you worthless, broken, or useless. It makes you a person who has a problem and needs help, who deserves that help, because they deserve to be happy.

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1. There will be people who are going to try to take advantage of you - sometimes without even realizing they are, but sometimes knowing full well. Stand up for yourself. You’d be surprised how many people will back down with a well-placed no and you standing firm. Once you stand up for yourself, don’t back down. Those who manipulate, much like sharks, can smell your fear and indecision. Don’t be indecisive. You know what you want; don’t let someone else decide for you.

2. It’s okay to take time for yourself. You won’t be letting anyone down. In fact, you’d be letting more people down if you burn yourself out. So read that book. Take that hot bath. Drink that glass of wine. If you think you have no time for yourself, take five minutes. Take a deep breath in - hold it, hold it and exhale. Think about your day. Think about your goals. Think about what made you happy today. Think about you. Let your worries go for five minutes. You might even find that you won’t want to pick them back up when the five minutes are up.

3. Make a list of both long term goals and short term goals and put it somewhere you look every day. Your long term goals shouldn’t be incredibly difficult, but they shouldn’t be terribly easy either. They should be something you think you can possibly complete, like getting yourself to a healthy place or planning a trip somewhere you wouldn’t normally go. Set short term goals to help you achieve your long term goals. If your long term goal is to go out of the country on holiday, perhaps your short term goals could be to get a passport and plan your trip. You can also have daily goals:  “Today, I will clean out my closet. Tomorrow, I will do all of the laundry. The day after that, I will take some time to clean these rooms.” The feelings you get when you accomplish a goal are well worth the effort you put into them.

4. If you are putting more than fifty-percent of the effort into a friendship or relationship, it is time to cut your losses and move on. If a person isn’t willing to stick with you through the bad times, they’re not worth the good times. Go through your phone and lose some numbers. Clean out your email addresses. Once you don’t have to invest so much of yourself into someone who isn’t doing the same, you’ll feel much lighter.

5. Allow for spontaneity in your life. If you’re anything like me, you need a rigid schedule to function correctly in life. I have calendars and planners and lists and reminders in place to make sure that I don’t miss anything, but with all that structure, it can be really easy to fall into a rut. Spontaneity can come in the form of anything you want - a new food, a new purchase, a new activity. Call up an old friend and make plans. Go see a show. Go to a party. Take a nap. Do something you wouldn’t normally do.

6. Cook more. If you don’t know how, learn. If you’re bad at it, practice. There is nothing better than a healthy home cooked meal and you feel instantly better than if you had eaten heavily processed fast food meal. Drink more water. Eat more vegetables. Try one new recipe per month. Try one new recipe per week. Find old standbys and make them a part of your life. Plan out meals per week. Go shopping at the grocery - avoid most of the frozen food aisles as well as the junk food aisles. Shop along the outward edges of the store where the fresh produce, meats and dairy are located. Remember, the less processed, the better!

7.  Find yourself a theme song! Maybe it’s a particular section of a song gets your engine going, or maybe it’s a particular lyric - the point is that it gets you energized and ready for the day. The song that does this for me is Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t by Brand New. There are parts that make me feel a bit conceited, but that’s okay. The song you pick isn’t for anyone else, it’s for you. It doesn’t even have to be one song, it can be many! Make a mix of songs and blast it in your room or in your car.

8. Be kind. Hold the door for a stranger. Smile. If someone drops something, pick it up for them. If you bump into someone, apologize. Give up your seat to someone on the train. Use common sense and, yes, treat other people how you’d prefer to be treated. It doesn’t matter who the person is, everyone deserves your respect. If every person who read this was kind to even one or two people, the whole thing could barrel out of control and we could all be overcome by kindness! It’s possibly the best virus ever.

9. Swear some. I heard on the radio once a couple years ago about an experiment where people dipped their hands into ice cold water for two minutes - the control group could not swear, but the other group could. The study found that people who swear are better at withstanding pain. I am not fucking saying that every other damn word should be fuck, of course, or that you should curse in places that are inappropriate (like your house of worship, for instance, or in front of your grandmother), but if you’re feeling stressed out, let it out in a long stream of filthy obscenities. You’ll feel a lot better.

10. Give yourself a little more credit. You’re beautiful. You’re strong. You’ve made it this far, haven’t you? Don’t stop now. You’re going to have off days. There are going to be days where you don’t want to get out of bed. There are going to be days where you want to crawl into the back of your closet and sob. Embrace those days too; it’s okay. Keeping your feelings bottled up is unhealthy, but letting them take you over is also unhealthy. It’s all about balance. Even during the darkest days, there’s still a pinprick of light that you should lock on and follow. You can do it, I know it.

For 2012: Do something drastic. Make waves. Pretend to be someone else for a day and then slip back into your own skin. Go outside. Reconnect with something. Treat yourself with respect. Stand up for someone. Stand up for yourself. Create something. Destroy something. Learn something new. Teach someone something. Volunteer. Give something of yourself to someone else. Let yourself go. Be you, but a stronger you. Be brighter. Let yourself have a great year. There’s someone here rooting for you. ♥

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This changes my whole life


Mind. Blown. 


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You don’t need to give reasons for the things you do — you just have to do what you want. And sometimes the thing that seems messed up to everyone else is what’s right for you. You have to do it and not be ashamed of it.
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A Random Acquistion of Handy Mental Health Stuff




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Message me if you would like book or zine recommendations.

Remember: it does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop. Stay alive, dearhearts.

This is wonderful. Thank you. I hope this helps next time I feel hopeless.

Signal boost. Saving for when I need it.

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How to Take Care of Yourself When You Feel Like Crawling Under a Rock and Hiding:


  1. Keep to your routine. It can feel like you’d rather call in sick and spend the week wallowing in secret, but it is GOOD for you to go about your day. Keep busy. Do things. See people.
  2. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Life can be hard. Life without adequate sleep is much, much harder.
  3. Eat the food that makes your body feel like it can climb mountains and run marathons. For me, that is not exactly the kind of food that emotional eating lends itself too, but I strive to eat the food that makes my body feel strong and capable.
  4. Engage your mind in something creative. Turn your sadness and pain into something beautiful that you can be proud of. Share the knowledge that your pain has brought you. Teach someone. Turn something upsetting into something good. It’s good for you.
  5. Be extremely, unendingly sweet to yourself. Give yourself the time and space to recover, heal, and pull your odds and ends together. Take it slow. Pay close attention to your body and heart, and act accordingly. Near tears every second of the day? Yelling at the people closest to you, because you feel so crummy? Apologize, practice self-awareness, and be compassionate – you are not a monster, you are operating in a moment of out-of-the-ordinary conditions.

It is OK to be weak. It is OK not to have all of the answers. It is OK not to want to go out and be social.

More than anything, it is OK to experience your pain or hurt in whatever way comes naturally to you.

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There are lots of shouts of “it gets better”, and “stay strong”, and “we love you”. But when I put myself back in time to when I was being bullied— none of those things would have helped me.

Yes, absolutely— it does get better! But when you are being physically and psychologically tortured, it is difficult to remove yourself from the pressingness of the moment at hand!

Here’s how I dealt with bullying: I cried, I hated myself, I hated my life. I didn’t deal with it; I survived it, but I never dealt with it. So here are two tips from someone with lots of experience— one: it’s not about you, it has nothing to do with you. It’s about the assholes doing it to you. And, two: your job is not to deal with it. Your job is to survive it, which you can do, because it will end. And then, yes, it will get better.

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